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Finally Reopening!




English Micro Bakery in Kobe Japan.

Est 2010


We will gradually increase our menu starting with The Cockney Cookies with Exclusive Authentic & Traditional high quality British food. We are now changing our kitchen layout and working on a new menu that will be out this spring so be sure to follow us on instagram for updates. We only make food that we are passionate about and Enjoy making and eating. We are a small family business so quantities will be limited at first.

Home Kobe Japanese/English couple. Produce delicate and original flavoured Cockney Honey Cookies lovingly handmade using NO electrical machinery or tools just blood sweat and tears. Our unique cookies take 72 hours to prepare, and each stage is precisely following a 60-year-old Cockney Honey Cookie recipe. So what are you waiting for? Come try an original Cockney Honey Cookie.

More good stuff to come soon so follow us to watch not just the cookie selection grow but our entire menu.

Help us decide which flavour to release next and come to tasting events.




Family Home.

"It's all in the recipe!"


ホーム 神戸 日英カップル。電気機械や道具を一切使わず、血と涙で手作りされた繊細でオリジナルな味のコックニーハニークッキーを製造しています。60年以上の歴史を持つコックニーハニークッキーのレシピに基づき、72時間かけて作られたクッキーは、その一つ一つの工程が正確である。さあ、何を待っているのでしょうか?コックニー・ハニー・クッキーのオリジナルをぜひお試しください。







 ‭                050 5216 1098

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