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What's your story?

Nestled between Sannomiya and Shin Kobe close to the famous Freundlieb bakers and a stone's throw from the foreign district of Kitano where we reside you'll find HOME.
HOME was opened back in 2010 by a Japanese wife and an English husband as a small cozy restaurant/bar.

We will gradually increase our menu starting with The Cockney Cookies with Exclusive Authentic & Traditional high quality British food. We are now changing our kitchen layout and working on a new menu that will be out this spring so be sure to follow us on instagram for updates. We only make food that we are passionate about and Enjoy making and eating. We are a small family business so quantities will be limited at first.
After the birth of our beloved daughter and the hard times brought on by the coronavirus, we have decided to change our direction a little. Our daughter fell in love with a well know cookie brand here in Japan but being the health-conscious couple we are I like to know what's inside what I'm feeding her. So using a 60-year-old Cockney Honey Cookie recipe and no machinery only an authentic vintage English Skyline manual pastry blender (LINK) our cookies are blended with sweat, tears, and love just like they were made in the swinging 1960s. The base recipe is unchanged from more than 60 years ago although we have modernized the flavors. One anglophile sampler commented that it tastes like something you would purchase in Fortnum & Mason Department store, which was a very well-received compliment. We also hand-make everything from the boxes and handwrite every label.
Why did you come to Japan? Well, having traveled to 30+ countries and lived in 7 I met a silly Japanese tourist standing on a corner with a big map looking lost and the rest, as they say, is history.

What's with all the Banksy's
When I asked the wife what art I can buy she replied: "You've got so much Banksy stuff, put that up".

What's a Cockney.  A Cockney is someone who hails from East London originally born within the sound of the Bow Church. Cockney is also a dialect of English spoken mostly in London and specifically in the East. Some famous Cockneys would be David Beckham - Charlie Chaplin - Adele - Sid Vicious & Amy Winehouse.


What's coming
New flavors will be released every 6 weeks with limited quantities on a first come first served basis so be sure to follow us on Instagram (LINK).  
We will be unveiling more original goodies in the future with a world-first coming soon!!!










奥さんに「どんなアートを買えばいいのか」と聞いたら、こう答えました: 「バンクシーの絵がたくさんあるから、それを飾って」と言われました。



有名なコックニーには、David Beckham、Charlie Chaplin、Adele、Sid Vicious、Amy Winehouseがいます。


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